About Us: mission, history, etc.

About Us

Our Mission

ACDC has always been a pioneer in the audio field. We have always strived to stay on the cutting edge of the ever-changing audio technologyIn the beginning, we started with real-time and hi-speed cassette copies! Now, with CDs and CD-Rs, we use state-of-the-art duplication equipment. We can offer all of our duplication services at a substantial savings while maintaining the highest quality available.

Our History

ACDC was established in 1983 by Steve Mitchell. He started his career with A&M Records in 1970 and was the engineer on many gold and platinum records. After leaving A&M in 1982, he saw a need for high quality cassette copies at an affordable price. He started ACDC in his house in 1983 for his own clients and friends. After the recording companies got wind of ACDC, they started calling Steve to do their copies. A short while later, Steve rented an office and turned ACDC into a real business. Steve’s goal is to provide the best quality and service available while still remaining cost effective. In 2003, ACDC added state of the art DVD-R duplication to its menu of services. Today, ACDC is the industry leader in the audio duplication world.

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